Employee Wellness.

Please take a minute to read about how I can assist your organization in fostering a thriving and productive staff through regular mindfulness and meditation practices. If you want to learn more, email me at planetprana@gmail.com, or schedule a free Zoom consultation. Or, are you a team member who would like your employer to offer meditation as an employee wellness benefit? Please email me at planetprana@gmail.com with the contact information of the person I should reach out to. Please join us!

There are two specific reasons why your organization should incorporate meditation into your employee wellness offerings.

        Staff Well-Being

    • Scientific research has shown that meditation has a significant impact on overall well-being. 
    • Regular meditation practice has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and productivity, and boost overall happiness and satisfaction. 
    • By incorporating meditation into your employee wellness program, we can provide employees with a valuable tool for managing stress, overcoming burnout,  and achieving a greater work-life balance.

        Organizational Well-Being

    • By implementing a mindfulness and meditation program at your organization, you can enhance employee engagement, improve staff retention, and promote the overall well-being of your staff.
    • Employee engagement is the driving force behind motivation, commitment, productivity, and innovation. 
    • By focusing on retention efforts, organizations can save resources by reducing turnover costs and ensuring a knowledgeable and experienced workforce.

Employee Wellness Offerings

✅ Live lunchtime group meditation and mindfulness sessions online every Monday + Wednesday.

✅ On-demand meditation library accessible anytime and anywhere.

✅ These offerings are accessible to all levels of practitioners, including newbies.

✅ Your organization can access these offerings as part of your employee wellness program.

✅ I’m delighted to offer your organization a complimentary one-month trial. As part of the trial, I will provide you with marketing material to help get your team on board. If you continue participating after the trial period, you will be billed monthly.

Interested? I’m happy to discuss the details with you. Email me at planetprana@gmail.com or schedule a free Zoom consultation.

About me. I am a local, Cleveland-based professional. If needed, I can provide additional support, such as introductory sessions and workshops for your staff. Additionally, I am flexible and willing to create a program that caters to your organization’s specific needs. As a former Human Resources professional with two decades of meditation experience, I have witnessed the numerous benefits this practice can offer. By incorporating meditation into your wellness program, we can cultivate a happier and healthier workplace that prioritizes the well-being of your team.

Weekly Live Group Meditation Online

On-Demand Meditation Library.