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Planet Prana currently offers two weekly live group meditation sessions online via Zoom every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30 PM ET. These sessions are designed to help you start the week with a positive mindset and provide a mid-week check-in and reset. Having a supportive community to practice with can be incredibly beneficial. Research has shown that practicing together promotes healing for individuals and the collective. We invite you to join us!

What are your specific needs?

Is this you? I am new and curious. I have never tried meditation before, but I would like to give it a try. Options include:

Or is this you? I have meditated before and wish to cultivate a regular practice in my life or reignite a former practice. Options include:

Or this? I have a regular meditation practice, but I am also interested in meditating with others and deepening my connection to both my practice and the community. Options include:

Class packages and memberships

Weekly live group meditation online is available to ALL on a sliding scale drop-in fee. Anyone is always welcome to try a free drop-in session using the code FREECOMMUNITY. There are also class pass options and monthly unlimited membership options for all offerings.

Regular fees and pricing

  • $25 New Client Intro Offer – Try it all out for 30 days. Enjoy full drop-in access to live group meditation online and full access to the on-demand meditation video library.
  • $5-$25 Drop-in any time for a sliding scale payment.
  • $65 5-class pass for live group meditation online expires in 3 months
  • $108 10-class pass for live group meditation online expires in 6 months
  • $40 Monthly Unlimited Meditation – for unlimited drop-ins to live group meditation online and complete access to the on-demand meditation library.
  • $25 Monthly On-Demand Sessions Only – Monthly unlimited access to the entire on-demand meditation video library only.

Have questions? Schedule a free 15-30 minute video consultation to discuss, or shoot Jenn an email at

Employee Wellness

Would you like your employer to offer these sessions and recorded library as an employee wellness benefit? Please email me at with the contact information of the person I should reach out to.

Weekly Live Group Meditation Online

On-Demand Meditation Library.