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Jennifer is the founder and curator of Planet Prana. She is deeply rooted in her yoga practice and teachings and is passionate about fostering connection, growth and healing within the greater Cleveland, Ohio yoga community. She has been teaching yoga around Cleveland since 2002 and is a 500 hour certified teacher. She welcomes any communication regarding this site and community. Please reach out any time at planetprana@gmail.com.

Mindfulness Works + Anyone Can Practice It


In a complicated and overwhelming world, mindfulness offers a much-needed refuge. Continue reading to learn more in less than two minutes. Why it Matters? By practicing mindfulness, we can learn to quiet the noise of our busy minds and find peace amidst the chaos. It allows us to fully engage with the present moment, increasing focus, clarity, and productivity in all aspects of life.

Mindfulness Works + Anyone Can Practice It2023-07-11T10:45:26-04:00

21 Thoughts About My Personal Practice


I'm sharing thoughts about my practice and what I've observed throughout the years.  Please continue reading for 2 1/2 minutes to learn about my practice. I've been practicing for 27 years.  I began in 1995 after my daughter was born.  As a newly single mom, I needed an outlet to help relieve stress and anxiety.  My commitment to the practice grows stronger each year.

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What does a meditation practice look + feel like?


In this informal livestream talk, I discuss: What a seated practice looks like.  The six stages of meditation, according to my teacher Davidji.  The many ways to practice in your daily life. I conclude with a short guided meditation.  Enjoy! Peace + blessings, ~Zen Jenn Take A Class

What does a meditation practice look + feel like?2023-07-17T10:36:26-04:00

Why I practice?


In this informal livestream talk I discuss: The new Planet Prana Virtual Meditation Space. My personal meditation journey. Why I'm compelled to do this work. I conclude the talk with a short guided meditation. Enjoy! Peace + blessings, ~Zen Jenn Take A Class

Why I practice?2023-07-17T10:37:07-04:00

Yoga Practice: Meditation


  "The awakening, the soul lighting up, happens when we realize we are one with God, one with the universe, and one with each other.  One of the greatest gifts we can give our children, ourselves and the world, is to grow in the awareness of this connection."  Oprah Winfrey Let's talk about Meditation.  The art of being still and sitting with yourself for

Yoga Practice: Meditation2019-09-22T16:55:03-04:00

Yoga Wisdom: Response vs. Reaction


  Life Happens Good & Bad You’re going about your business and feeling pretty good.  You have a spring in your step and all is well at the moment.  You have your routine and your day planned out and it seems like there’s nothing in your way.  These are the easy moments in life where you don’t have to think or work too hard.

Yoga Wisdom: Response vs. Reaction2017-04-11T16:27:11-04:00
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