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Buy furosemide tablets 20mg, Buy furosemide tablets



“yogastha kuru karmani…”

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, verse 48.  Establish yourself in yoga (union, equanimity, the present moment, the inner light of awareness, cosmic consciousness, etc.) and then perform right action.


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November 22nd, 2018|Comments Off on {ppp36} awaken the energetic roots

Zen Jenn & Planet Prana on     awaken the energetic roots | yoga therapeutics for feet & legs   We metabolize prana through our feet.  In this class, we will find [...]

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October 24th, 2018|Comments Off on {ppp35} root chakra meditation

Zen Jenn & Planet Prana on   Vision Yoga & Wellness is our episode sponsor!  Thank you to the Vision community for supporting my work with the Planet Prana Yoga & Meditation Podcast!! root [...]

where can i buy furosemide online uk

September 16th, 2018|Comments Off on ZENworks Fall Fundraiser

ZENworks Yoga will be hosting it's 3rd Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser As a ZENworks Ambassador, I'm happy to share on Sunday, October 14 from 11am-2pm, ZENworks Yoga will be hosting it's 3rd Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser at 700 Beta [...]

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September 10th, 2018|Comments Off on Podcast Season 4 | Root Connection

Greetings fellow travelers of time and space!   There’s no place like hOMe My hOMe is Cleveland, Ohio and it’s where I’ve put down roots over the last 25 years.  In season 4 of The [...]

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