Jennifer Bochik

Certification Type:. 500 hour, Body Balance Yoga
Teaching Style:. Slow & gentle vinyasa flow with therapeutic applications and alignment instruction, breath, meditation and Yoga Nidra
Region:. East Side
Website/Contact:. www.planetprana.com


Vishali Gupta

Certification Type:. 200 hour, Chagrin Yoga
Teaching Style:. Native of India, inspiring combination of asana, breath, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy from the ancient texts
Region:. East Side
Website/Contact:. guptava@sbcglobal.net


Lauren Plagens

Certification Type:. CYT 200 Hour from Bhumi's Yoga, Yoga Nidra facilitator Amrit Style, Paddleboard Yoga certification from Bliss Paddle Yoga
Teaching Style:. Balanced, Calm, Easy-Going, Accepting. "Yoga meets you where you are!"
Region:. West Side
Website/Contact:. http://www.3sistersyoga.com


Elizabeth Silas

Certification Type:. YA E-RYT: 200 hour It's Yoga Ashtanga; 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga; Pilates certified
Teaching Style:. We build strength and flexibility as we work toward challenging postures and releasing tension. I supplement verbal cues with physical assistance. I individualize and adapt to the needs of the students in class.
Region:. East Side
Website/Contact:. www.elizabethsilas.com


Lydia Williams

Certification Type:.200 hour RYT, Oasis Yoga Spa ; Core Strength Vinyasa certified ; Body Balance Pilates Certified ; Reiki 1&2 certified
Teaching Style:.Alignment techniques, breathing, cleansing, strong
Region:. East Side
Website/Contact:. lydwilly13@gmail.com