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Zen Jenn is currently on teaching hiatus while she focuses on her career at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Scroll down to view recent past events for the CLE Yoga Teacher’s Kula.  Monthly events for the CLE Yoga Teacher’s Kula generally happen September through May, and are for Yoga Teachers and YTTs only.

Look here for information about Jennifer’s schedule with Mindfulness at the Museum at The CMA.

CLE Yoga Teacher’s Kula | Past Events

May Kula Event | Creating Positivity Workshop | 5-19-19
with Swami Atmarupa Saraswati

In the cycle of nature there is creation, preservation and destruction. We may think of destruction as a negative force but it is a necessary force that allows for further creation. Change cannot occur if things are the same-transformation requires some element of destruction.

The natural state of the mind is to become negative when faced with change. It is a mechanism of protection. How can we face change with a positive mind? How do we learn to stay afloat in the world without being sucked down into this negativity? Learn a valuable technique to help you move out of the dark shadows of your mind.

This workshop will consist of discourse with some pranayama and meditation. Atmarupa will be one of the main presenters at Kripalu’s International Yoga Nidra Conference in June. View her bio here.

April Kula Event | Chakra Psychology Workshop | 4-14-2019
with Jennifer Langsdale

The understanding of Chakra Psychology is a healing asset. Tools like healing movements through yoga asanas or kriyas, powerful guided inner dialogue, and the insightful wisdom to know how to remove yourself from behavioral patterns that no longer serve you are all connected to chakra psychology. When we give ourselves permission to heal and explore, we can see profound results on our spiritual, mental and emotional progression. A brief introduction to chakra psychology will be given as well as a movement & meditation practice aligned with the chakras.

March Kula Event | Yoga Practice & Networking Event | 3-31-2019
with Laurie Myers

Join Laurie, in her new studio, for an all-level yoga class designed to get busy teachers back on their (practice) mat. Space is limited to 15 people so please reserve your space early. We look forward to seeing you!  Registration begins late February.

February Kula Event | Yoga Teacher Self Care Event | 2-15-2019
with Big Heart Yoga Staff

Yoga Teacher self-care event! Come relax and enjoy a Restorative practice including singing bowls, essential oils, Marma therapy and Reiki! Practice will be followed by tea service and socializing with fellow yoga teachers! Sharing with each other is learning from each other!

November Kula Event | Aroma Yoga® Workshop | 11-18-2018
with Cassandra Tyra Rose

Discover how the magic of essential oils and aromatherapy can help deepen your yoga practice. Since yoga draws on the combination of movement and breath, inhaling essential oils with every breath can take your yoga practice to an entirely different level in mind and body.

Using the Chakras as a foundation, this Aroma Yoga® workshop pairs specific asanas, Polarity Therapy movements and therapeutic-grade essential oils that are in line with each individual chakra. This pairing is designed to synergistically clear blockages and bring balance into the chakras as the class progresses.

September Kula Event | Workshop for Teaching Larger Bodies | 9-29-2018
with Julie Brown & Jaimee Bruening 

Do you panic when a large body walks into your yoga class? What if it’s a person you assume is less able? As large yoginis themselves, Julie Brown and Jaimee Bruening would like to start a dialogue with you about how to approach this very situation. We’re an open book for you to ask us questions about having large bodies in class!

We’d like to give you some ideas about props and how to encourage your students to accommodate themselves, all while creating an encouraging and safe environment. We’ll even touch on body image and how to empower your students to become embodied yogis! This workshop will be a combination of discussion, workshopping ideas, and a short body positive yoga practice.

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