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Jennifer Bochik CYT 500 hour

Founder Planet Prana Cleveland

Founder CLE Yoga Teacher’s Kula

Cleveland, Ohio
buy furosemide for dogs

Please reach out and contact me for any reason! I love being a resource for what I know. If any of my story resonates with you and you want to work with me, or you just want to introduce yourself, CONTACT ME! Don’t hesitate! Really!

On personal note, the following words are a short personal reflection of who I am, how I came to this moment, and why I practice and teach yoga…

Often times life’s challenges get the best of me. The difference these days is the influence of Yoga in my life. I have more clarity and control over my reactions to whatever life throws at me on any given day. Over the years, my practice has helped changed my outlook.  I’m more positive and tuned into the abundance of gifts in my life.  I’m not perfect, but I’m improving and I’m much more in tune with the vibrations in and around me. Awareness is really the practice for me. Every day, I strive to connect and tune in, instead of run away and hide. Being present and aware helps me connect  to my inner Guru as well, which we all have within us.  Life happens, it just happens better for me with Yoga.

“Life happens, it just happens better for me with Yoga.”

In 1995 when I was 25, I was finishing up college and preparing to have a child as a single mother. Going to college was planned, having a child was unplanned. Although I had tons of support, I was scared. I needed something special to help support me during this challenging  time. After my daughter was born, I found my first yoga class in the local elementary school gym. There wasn’t a yoga studio in every neighborhood at the time. buy furosemide 40 mg uk was my  first teacher, who I later got my first yoga teacher certification with in 2002. Between that time,  I mostly practiced at home with some VHS tapes and books. It felt good and right as I slowly  learned the poses and connected with my breath and body. My early practice was really self-taught as I dropped into a few yoga classes here and there.

Like most of you reading this, I have problems and have experienced many forms of hardship throughout my adult life. Rape, drug and alcohol abuse, single motherhood, bankruptcy, family illness and loss, marital problems, parenting issues, job loss, to name a few. Perhaps you can relate to some of these. Eventually I fell into a state of deep depression, struggling to get out of and on heavy doses of medications. My practice had teetered out for a few years and my life was unsettled. I felt heavy, stuck and sad most days for several years. It was awful.

“My practice had teetered out for a few years and my life was unsettled. I felt heavy, stuck and sad most days for several years. It was awful.”

All that began to change when I found Yoga for the second time in 2008. Coming back to Yoga helped me get unstuck. The movement and breath moved energy through my body again and I slowly began to heal and face my problems. It didn’t happen overnight, but I did recover from years of depression. With the help of family, ayurveda, acupuncture, diet and yoga of course, I eventually came off all of my medications, and have stuck with a natural and holistic approach to daily health and healing.

University Hospitals featured my story and my Ayurvedic Practitioner, Anisha Durve, on a promotional video.  Watch below.

As mentioned, I received my 200 hour certification to teach Yoga in 2002 with buy furosemide 40 mg (Therapy, Reiki, Yoga). At the time I was pregnant with my son (married to Bob in 2001). I began teaching for about 2 years then stopped because other demands took precedence. In 2013 I finished the buy furosemide tablets 500 hour training with an emphasis on Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda. I’ve always worked a full time job to help support my family, so teaching Yoga has been more of a hobby. I’m now in the process of changing that, and pursuing Yoga as a passion and a means for financial support for myself and family.  I recently read a quote by an unknown author that I’ve made my mantra “The surest way to find your dream job is to create it.”

My personal yoga practice is really laid back. I come to my mat to discover what’s going on for me through asana, breath, meditation and awareness. I don’t do “advanced” poses or force anything that doesn’t feel just right. I practice playfully and organically and work to advance my practice through awareness and self-study. I try to tune into and listen to my inner Guru to discover the best practice for me at any given time.  This formula works for me, but not for everyone.

“This formula works for me, but not for everyone.”

I’ve had many incredible teachers in my life both on and off the mat, including my parents and children. My mission as a yoga teacher is to help those who practice with me to relax and cope with daily stress caused by life circumstances. I feel strongly that real healing can’t occur until we relax and calm the nervous system. I encourage those I teach to discover the practice in a way that’s best for their circumstances and well-being with the guidance of their inner Guru.  I practice and teach what I know through experience and study.  That’s all I can do is be myself.

 “That’s all I can do is be myself.”

In 2013 Planet Prana was conceived by me as a yoga blog and has now evolved into this site. My mission in Yoga is to expand awareness about the practice of yoga to the people of Cleveland and beyond via this website. It has also become my mission to foster community and support among Cleveland area yoga teachers and studios through the CLE Yoga Teacher’s Kula.  A bi-product of that mission includes connecting people who want to practice and learn with studios, teachers and schools in Cleveland via the directory page. My current work includes curating the Planet Prana website and podcast (a work in progress), group yoga classes, workshops, yoga teacher training and continuing education for yoga teachers.

If you’ve made it this far, THANKS FOR READING! As mentioned above, please feel free to contact me about working with me or maybe you just want to share your story.

Peace, love, light and yoga for all of humanity, especially Cleveland!!



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