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Mission Statement:  The CLE Yoga Teacher’s Kula is a community of Yoga Teachers in greater Cleveland Ohio. We welcome diversity and we honor and support teachers of all levels, backgrounds, and yogic traditions within the path. We connect through a shared passion for the practice and teaching, and we serve each other to encourage improvement and growth individually and as a whole. We commit to organizing regular and ongoing interactions through practice, education and discussion. We respect and encourage participation in the Kula based on personal and community needs, acknowledging that we get out of the Kula what we put into the Kula. We invite participation at any level.

As a Yoga Teacher in Cleveland I saw a need for this community. Our teaching community is an unbelievable resource for our city and each other. I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge and support from the wealth of yoga teachers right here in NE Ohio. We’ve been supporting and fostering growth for our students and studio’s for years. Let’s continue that and raise the bar to support each other as well.  EVERYONE WINS & THE COMMUNITY GETS STRONGER.

I encourage the entire community to offer discounts for workshops, classes, memberships and trainings to all area Yoga Teachers and YTTs.  This opens up the opportunity for area teachers to explore and experience the vast knowledge and expertise of local teachers.  It also encourages us to venture out beyond our local community and into the greater community where there is much to be learned.  You never know when and where you’ll find your next favorite teacher, which will expand opportunities for growth.

September through May we meet up every month and take the summers off.  We come together to practice, connect, learn and support each other.  Each month a different host and teacher volunteers to share their expertise and knowledge to serve the community.  Our monthly Kula events are always donation based.  Sign up for free with an option to donate at the event to support the teacher.  Pay what you can or pay nothing at all.  We are here for you!  These events are so powerful and the energy generated while practicing with like minded friends and colleagues is pure Yoga and union.  Please contact me if you’d like to teach or host a monthly Kula class at planetprana@gmail.com.  buy furosemide for dogs

The Facebook group is currently over 600 strong and was created for the Kula to post any questions, announcements and resources that will help support connection, growth and learning for yoga teachers and YTTs.. I encourage you all to ask questions, share resources and collaborate with each other to create awesome yoga events for the Kula and our bright city.

I invite all of those interested in the Kula to join me in creating a very special community that serves the current needs of the collective.  I hope to continue to evolve the Kula into something very special for Cleveland area yoga teachers.  If you have any ideas on how this group can best serve our teaching community, or if you like to volunteer in any way, please feel free to contact me anytime at buy furosemide 40 mg uk.

Our current leadership team is buy furosemide 40 mg, buy furosemide tablets, and Nityatara (Cathy Prescott).

Most importantly, I’m grateful for and love all of you for your unique and lovely contribution of service to our city.  Thank you for sharing your light with our Kula.


Peace & Oms,

~Zen Jenn


practice . connect . grow . heal

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