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yoga & astrology | interview with jennifer young

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Episode 37 features two parts.  37a is an interview with Jennifer Young who hosts monthly Astrology & Yoga workshops at Awaken Yoga in Mentor, OH. In the interview we discuss Jennifer’s background in astrology and yoga, why she decided to combine the two practices,  and how she formulates and plans each monthly workshop’s agenda to correspond with each sign on the tropical zodiac.  Jennifer also discusses the energy of Capricorn and explains in detail about the Capricorn workshop.  She also shares some of her favorite resources in both Astrology and Yoga.

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37b is a recording of Jennifer’s December workshop in Capricorn recorded on December 28, 2018 at Awaken Yoga.  We chose to focus on Capricorn for this episode because it fits into the season long theme of root connection.  Read the Capricorn Workshop description below:

The Capricorn mantra is “I Use”. Ruled by Saturn; the task master of the Zodiac. We will bring awareness to the root Chakra as Capricorn rules knees and bones. Focusing on structure and alignment, we will manifest steadiness. We’ll concentrate on grounding poses as Capricorn is an Earth sign. Handcrafted essential oil blend included. We have all the signs in our natal chart somewhere!

Tune into the energetics of the current astrological season! Each class will begin with aromatherapy and meditation about the sign. You’ll learn what planet, element and body part rule the sign. All levels welcome.

Show notes & resources:

  • Into music features apple loop creations by Zen Jenn, and Prana by East Forest

  • Learn more about Jennifer Young by visiting her website.

  • View all the wonderful offerings at Awaken Yoga in Mentor, OH.

  • Essential Oil blends for Capricorn at the workshop provided by The Venus in Aquarius Apothica Etsy shop.  The blend includes the oils of Vetiver, Cypress, Bergamot, and Lime.

  • More notes to come from my interview with Jennifer.  Stay tuned.

  • Capricorn workshop sequence

    • Seated Meditation

    • Tadasana – Rib Breath

    • Mountain Meditation seated or standing

    • Urdhva Hastasana – Upward salute with hand variations

    • Paschima Namaskarasana – reverse prayer

    • Gomukhasana Arms – eagle arms with strap

    • Forward folds/Half Lifts

    • Downward Dog / Forward fold / Half lifts

    • Goddess Squat on chair – hold steady

    • Seated Wide Leg fold

    • Seated Twist

    • Triangle with chair – cultivate curiosity

    • Warrior II with chair

    • Extended Side Angle with chair

    • Half Sun Salutes with Downward Facing Dog

    • Makarasana – Crocodile / Locust

    • Banana

    • Legs on chair

    • Half Happy Baby

    • Savasana with Bone Meditation

    • Sukasana – Easy Pose with grounding prana mountain meditation

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Peace, Oms & Blessings,
~Zen Jenn