awaken the energetic roots | yoga therapeutics for feet & legs

We metabolize prana through our feet.  In this class, we will find solid ground and get anchored in ourselves by waking up the energetic root system in our feet and legs.  This is a yoga therapeutics class for the feet, ankles and legs where we will build the arches, open the feet with myofascial release techniques, and strengthen the feet and legs, to open and fortify our root system.  You will need a tennis ball and a block for the class.  You may want extra props to support yourself during an extended savasana with guided visualization.

Show notes and resources:

  • Intro and Outro music by Zen Jenn on Apple Loops, and Dub It by Goudi

  • This is another episode which supports the season long theme of root connection

  • The problem is our current lifestyle has created a disconnect from our energetic connection to the earth

  • The human energy body is our electromagnetic field which interacts with every other energy field on earth, including other beings and the earth itself

  • Wearing rubber soled shoes, and living in urban centers creates a barrier between our energy field and the earth energy field

  • Awakening the feet and legs is one channel to reestablish our energetic connection to the earth

  • Reestablishing a connection to the earth helps to ground us

  • Being grounded helps us to focus and finish tasks more efficiently.

  • It helps to clear the mind of clutter so we can process our thoughts with more clarity

  • When grounded we feel more balanced and less stressed

  • We sleep better

  • We become more tuned into our natural world including our own natural rhythms of the body and of our surrounding environment

  • Groundedness can even reduce inflammation in the body

  • Being grounded helps us to see our true nature and that of all human beings, helping to create a mindset of tolerance, connectedness, and compassion

  • This class will help us create a better connection to the earth and become more grounded.

  • In this class we will play with some visualization as well

  • We will work to engage the feet and legs to create an awakening

  • We will then establish our connection with the earth for grounding

  • We will invite nutrients and nourishment up from the earth into our body

  • We finish with a long guided visualization in savasana to integrate the earth connection into our being

  • You will need a tennis ball, block, and yoga mat for the practice

  • You may also want to have some extra blankets and bolster/pillow to embellish your savasana for extra comfort

  • Before we begin the practice I’d like to remind you of your true nature

    • You are a radiant and boundless being of light and vibration.  Be guided by love and compassion for yourself, for all beings, and for our beautiful home the great mother earth

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Peace, Oms, and Blessings,
Zen Jenn