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walk with mindfulness and gratitude | walking meditation with zen jenn

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Please join me while I guide you through a mindfulness and gratitude practice on your walk.  Walking mediation is a wonderful active meditation practice.  It’s appropriate for any level of practitioner and is especially great if you struggle sitting still for your practice, or if you just feel like you want to move.  Walking meditation takes your walk to a new level of awareness, while moving outside and connecting to your body and to the natural world around you.  This walking meditation promotes gratitude, mindfulness, wellness, and a deep felt sense of fulfillment.

Show notes and resources:

  • Intro and outro music by Zen Jenn with Apple Loops and Beautiful Energy by Beautiful Chorus

  • Walking meditation is wonderful for those who have trouble sitting still to meditate and like to practice mindfulness off the mat

  • This walking meditation is best practiced outside.  Head out to your favorite park or walking path, or take a walk in your neighborhood.  You can use most of the methods described in this meditation inside as well, if you prefer to walk at the gym or nearest indoor location.

  • Prepare for whatever the weather so you can walk comfortably.

  • As you are walking, notice if you become distracted from time to time.  If you do, gently come back to mindfulness of your walking.  Practice non judgement and non attachment to whatever comes up for you throughout your walk.

  • Pay attention to messages from Spirit.  Walking inspires lots of creative ideas, clarity about current situations in your life, and awareness of the beauty of the natural world.

  • As you pass other people on your walk, be sure to acknowledge their existence with a smile.

  • Take it all in and then release whatever comes up.  I like to take notes AFTER my walk if something strikes me as important and useful.

  • You may walk at any pace that is appropriate for your ability, as long as you are able to stay mindful and pay attention.  Walk with both arms able to move freely.  I recommend putting your mobile device in a pocket so your hands are free and relaxed.

  • Live and Dare Ultimate Guide to Walking Meditation by Giovanni

  • Yoga Journal Use Mindful Nature Walks to Deepen Your Meditation Practice

Thank you for listening in and practicing with me today!

Peace, Oms & Blessings,

~Zen Jenn