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Yoga Home Practice | Alternate Nostril Breath and OM Mantra Meditation with Zen Jenn

Episode 32 features a practice of alternate nostril breath and Om mantra meditation.  This meditation will provide a felt sense of mental and emotional balance and wellbeing.

Show notes:

  • Intro and Outro music includes apple loops created by Zen Jenn and Golden Om by Steve Gold

  • Alternate nostril breath is a practice to bring balance to the nervous system by working with the main energy channels in the body along the spinal column.  The method taught in this meditation is done visually.  Other methods will include physically blocking off each nostril with your right hand thumb and ring finger.  Practice whichever method you are comfortable with.

  • Learn more about the practice from this post on The Chopra Center website by Melissa Eisler

  • The mantra Om is said to be the subtle underlying sound vibration of the universe.  The chanted syllables of AUM represent all levels of existence and consciousness, including the physical body operating in a wakeful state, the subtle body operating in the dream state, the causal body in deep sleep.  The pause at the end of the mantra represents transcendence.  OM represents the 4 phases of time including past, present, future and beyond time or transcendence.

  • I want to credit my teacher Atmadarshan Saraswati for inspiring this meditation and for her teachings on the Mantra Om

  • Meditation is part of the yogic eight limbed path, which also includes Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breath control).

  • Use a pillow, blankets or bolster to sit on to maintain a tall seat if you’re sitting on the floor. Sit on a chair or couch with the feet connected to the floor and a pillow or cushion behind your back if the floor isn’t comfy.

  • Allow yourself to relax and follow my voice. Try not to judge yourself as to whether or not you’re practicing correctly.

  • A still practice such at meditation, yoga nidra and restorative yoga shift the physiology of the body from the sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system. From fight, flight or freeze and into rest and digest.

  • REGULAR PRACTICES such as the ones mentioned above will eventually bring an overall sense of well being physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Practice being still at least once a day from 5 minutes to an hour if you have the time.

  • Scientific Research: The Benefits of Meditation For Beginners on Yoga International

  • Meditation May Change the Brain’s Response To Stress, Study Shows on YogaUOnline

It is my honor and privilege to be your meditation guide today. Thank you for practicing with me. Peace & Oms!!


Zen Jenn