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yoga and mindfulness learning for women | interview with jennifer langsdale

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Welcome to episode 26 and the first episode of Season 3!  This is a 2 part episode featuring an interview with Jennifer Langsdale of Awaken Yoga and a 90 minute Goddess Intoxication class, also led by Jennifer.  Jennifer is the owner and director of Awaken Yoga in Mentor, Ohio and she is on a mission to help women embrace the sacred feminine through yogic practices.  She has developed retreat style yoga and mindfulness programming specifically for women.  In our conversation Jennifer shares about her mission with women’s specific programming.  We also talk about her background and teachers, we go into some detail about the studio and it’s programming as a yoga school, and her own brand Inner Wisdom, which is energy and chakra yoga therapy work.  Her passion for the transformative power of the Goddess is contagious.  You’ll see what I mean when you listen.  Scroll down for abbreviated show notes and links to things mentioned in the episode.

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Part 2 of the podcast is a 90 minute live class recording from August 30th of the Goddess Intoxication Workshop.  It’s a sample class for the upcoming Goddess Intoxication Retreats at Awaken Yoga on September 30, 2017 and/or December 2, 2017.  It’s a powerful practice of chanting, breathing and movement celebrating 4 Hindu Goddesses Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  This practice is designed for women but men are certainly welcome to join in and explore the power of the feminine.  Scroll down for more details about the class sequencing.

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Show notes:

  • Read Jennifer’s bio here

  • Link to Jennifer’s Blog here

    • be sure to check out the self ritual tab of her website

  • Link to Awaken Yoga

  • Awaken on Social Media

  • Jennifer’s Training

    • 200 hour with TRY for Life Jan Hauenstein and Judi Barr

    • 300 hour with Shiva Rae

    • Jennifer refers to Shiva Rae and Karen Allegire (Green Tara Yoga, Cleveland Heights) as her Durga teachers to teach her discipline and structure

    • For meditation Jennifer studied with Yogiraj for the Meditative Mind and Christopher Tompkins dedicated to the traditions of Tantric Shaivism

  • Jennifer first started Awaken Yoga as a school through the Cleveland Metroparks and it has taken on several manifestations before they landed in the current location on Mentor ave.

  • Read specifically about the Awaken Yoga Mission for learning, practice and healing

    • I will add what a close and supportive community Awaken Yoga has created.  The teachers have taken the time to get to know their clients very well by lots of community events encouraging outside interaction beyond the classroom.

  • Trainings available at Awaken Yoga

    • Inner Wisdom Yoga Therapy Training – talk therapy of yoga through energetic work

    • Hatha Yoga 300 hour YTT

    • Yogic Studies

    • Prenatal Certification & Women’s Studies

    • Reiki Training

  • Brand New Women’s Studies Programming

    • It began with Prenatal Training

    • Goddess Intoxication Retreats

      • Ladies spend a day immersed in your own self-care and healing!  Empowerment, connection, and exploration summarize these retreats!  Each retreat will be a different theme and approach, all level friendly.

    • Women, Beauty, Healing and Transition includes:

      • Women Yoga and the Moon

      • The Sacred Womb

      • Kundalini Yoga for Woman and Beauty

      • Aromatherapy for Woman

      • Herbal Medicine and Healing for Woman

      • Yoga for Woman and the Ritual of Aging

    • The Women’s Studies instructors are Christine Casella, Jenna Hull, Jolyn Radin, Anne Ondrey, Colleen Rameshbir O’Rourke, Jenna Hull, Jennifer Langsdale

    • Click here to learn about the Women’s Studies programming and the instructors

  • Jennifer suggests we all read

    • The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

    • Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    • Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton

    • Tending the Heart Fire by Shiva Rae

    • The Shakti Mantra books

    • Inner Tantric Yoga by David Frawley

  • Finally Jennifer finally asks us all to please be curious about life and allow yourself to get uncomfortable sometimes

  • Here is a run down of the sequencing for the Goddess Intoxication Class

    • Thursday nights class worked with 4 elements, Self-Awareness and what we are putting out there and asking for in relationship to Durga/Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.

    • Invocation using Anahata Kriya as created and developed by Shiva Rea

    • MA mantra used within meditation, chanting spontaneously within your own divinity.

    • Durga Tiger/Lion Awareness, announcing your protective power

    • Rvs Cat/Cow with Kali breath to build fire

    • Awareness starts to build of the first stirrings of Durga, and that inner earthquake of shattering obstacles

    • Durga Mandala- draw swords, vira II – Malasana with swords – vira II other side to 3 agni push-ups (fingers turned in, modified as needed)

    • Transform Durga to release Kali to the direct path of seeking change- draw sickle swords, quick and to the point mandala – Vira II with HA Kriya, to Malasana, to vira II other side Chaturanga all the way down, backbend of choice – you can improvise a bow and arrow arm as well

    • REST in prostration after Kali

    • LAKSHMI enters

    • Hasta Mudra with bowls of offerings- turn 360 degrees to honor the world, celebrate all around goodness

    • Saraswati Flow

    • Tha Kriya (Drawing rainbows over the body)

    • Kapotasana each side with Tha Kriya Flow

Thank you for stopping by and listening today!  May all beings live happy and free!

Om shanti shanti shanti,

Zen Jenn