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freedom to be you with yoga :: interview with brianna halloran

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Episode 19 is another two part episode including both an interview and practice with Brianna Halloran.  19a features a whimsical conversation with Brianna about how the practice of Yoga can look so many different ways both on and off the mat.  Bri shares her story about how she was immediately hooked from her first practice and wanted a deeper understanding about why Yoga made her feel so different from any other movement practice.  She has a background in fitness and over time has obtained numerous certifications in both fitness and Yoga.  She is a consummate teacher and student of Yoga, fitness and life. Brianna has B.S. in education from Miami University and an M.S. in Curriculum Design from Ursuline College.  She taught for several years in a classroom before beginning work outside of the traditional school environment by helping individual students and small groups on a more personal basis.

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19b features her Sunday morning Vinyasa Flow class I recorded on November 6th, 2016 at her studio Vibe at the 9.  It’s a moderate paced flow filled with unique sequencing, which Bri excels at.  She also has a sneaky way of adding movement and stillness that work the body deeply to the core.  I participated in this community class with her regular students as well as some newbies.  I felt muscles in my body I hadn’t used in a while to say the least.  Bri’s class theme was about being honest and real with yourself and others.  You can view the sequencing of the class at the end of the show notes below.

Show notes:

  • Intro music creations by Zen Jenn with Apple Loops and Resolve by Kaya Project

  • Link to Bri’s bio

  • Bri has a fitness background and came to yoga through a friendship with Libby Murphy, who now lives in San Francisco.  Bri did her first yoga certification at The Yoga Garden in San Francisco.  She has numerous certifications in yoga and fitness.

  • Bri is a teacher at heart and has been teaching in numerous settings her entire adult life.  She has a BS in Education from Miami University.

  • Bri is a consummate student of yoga as she realizes the more she studies, the more she doesn’t know.  We both agree it is a life long journey of exploration and study.

  • We go on to discuss how as yoga teachers are responsible for so many students on their journey and it’s a huge responsibility.  Her first teacher David Nelson, who was Iyengar trained always told Bri to  “let the practice do it’s job.”

  • Bri’s trainings are 200 hour at The Yoga Garden SF, prenatal training also at The Yoga Garden SF, 500 hour at Oasis Yoga Spa in Solon with Jenny Otto, Lorna Nafziger and Janice Hanrahan, 2nd 200 hour in Mexico with Eric Paskel, which was more about life skills as well as a yoga teacher training.

  • Bri’s fitness trainings are in Zumba, Pilates, Aqua exercise and TRX to name a few.

  • She teaches all of these modalities currently at Vibe at the 9 in downtown Cleveland.

  • Bri has installed an Isawall in her space and works with this local company directly as their lead trainer.

  • Bri’s current major influences and teachers are her husband, her father and Linda Hass of the Lu- Jean Feng clinic in Beachwood.  Bri has just agreed to take on the project of redeveloping the fitness and wellness programing at the Feng clinic.  Her husband is her number 1 teacher.  She also uses the Rad Rod as a tool to teach her about what’s going on in her body on any given day.  Again, she refers back to David Nelson who says that “you are your best teacher”.

  • Bri’s current practice looks different depending on the day.  It’s more of a lifestyle then devoting time.  There isn’t a regimented routine.  She works to keep grounding herself  and goes to classes with Renee Schwartz and April Keen.  She works with organic movement throughout the day, with a daily morning breath practice in the shower.

  • Bri works with Doriann, who is in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy.  Bri claims that Doriann as one of her biggest teachers as to how much we are not our physical body, but we have it and we have to work on it.  They work on the Isawall together once a week and have become friends.

  • The Plain Dealer interviewed Bri about the Isawall when the founder, who is a triathlete, was training on the wall along side Doriann with Cerebral Palsy.  It’s a powerful testament to the diversity of the Isawall.

  • About Yoga and body awareness.  Bri uses her Yoga background to increase body awareness in all her fitness classes.  All of her cuing comes from Yoga.  It includes the breath and spinal awareness.  She sneaks in the Mind body connection into her fitness classes also.

  • Bri’s current offerings with Vibe at the 9 are private, semi-private and corporate programming for yoga, fitness and wellness.  Her role at the Lu Jean Feng clinic is in the conception stage.  She will offer many of the same concepts for clients flying in from all over for health and healing.  She hosts Yoga Under the GE Chandelier in Playhouse Square on Saturday June 24th which compliments the Tri C Jazz Fest.  She teaches classes for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance at Voinavich Park and she teaches complimentary classes at Public Square.

  • Bri takes a wonderful moment to promote the greatness of our beautiful city Cleveland, OH.

  • Bri is hosting a Yoga Retreat at Mar de Jade, Mexico with 3 other teachers, April 1 – 8, 2017.  A great retreat with lots of amenities.

  • Bri relieves stress in a healthy way by moving her body and linking with breath.  She also uses aromatherapy and tea.  She does cryotherapy sessions and sensory deprivation tanks.  She does these things as a preventative measure.  She also uses healing stones and crystals.  Johnny OC

  • She has a daily self care routine which includes regularity in wake up and sleep time, diet and supplements.  She claims the power of touch is key, connecting with her husband and her pets at the end of the day.

  • Bri’s favorite yoga resource is being open all the life has to offer.  Life is her best yoga resource.

  • Bri will be back to discuss her work at the Lu Jean Feng Clinic.

  • Bri’s Vinyasa Yoga class sequence recorded back in November at Vibe at the 9.  Bri’s theme was about being honest and real with yourself and others

    • Centering on the tummy in Crocodile pose

      • Breath awareness

    • Child’s Pose with option to move organically

      • move between Table top and Child’s pose organically

      • Cat/Cow

      • Organic and playful movement from Table top pose

    • Downward facing dog with dynamic movement between Table and Child’s pose

    • Plank with laughter about Bri’s botox treatment bruise on her eye

    • Side plank both sides

    • Downdog to Boat pose

      • Boat with twisting and bicycling movement

    • Downdog > Plank > Lower down > Cobra > Child’s pose with circular movement through Table pose > Downdog > Walk hands back to feet

    • Forward fold Rag doll variation > lift up to standing

    • Standing

      • arm movement in standing

      • Side bends > forward fold > stand > back to side bends > repeat

      • Chair pose > forward fold

      • Downward dog > cobra/back bend > Downward Dog with core work Right Leg

      • Lunge Right Leg forward

      • High Plank > Forearm Plank > High Plank repeat

      • Downward dog > cobra/back bend > Downward Dog with core work Left Leg

      • Lunge Left Leg forward

      • Step forward to Forward fold > halfway lift

      • Forward fold organic movement for the Spine

      • Lunge Right leg back > step forward to fold > Lunge Left leg back > repeat and add arms and torso to Crescent Lunge

      • Warrior II > Reverse > Dragonfly with leg work on back leg > repeat other side >

      • Forward fold > Standing > Chair with hands in prayer at heart

      • Forward fold > Lunge Right leg back > Crescent Lunge > Warrior II > Reverse > Dragon fly > repeat movement between Reverse Warrior and Dragon fly > Side Angle with invitation to be creative > Hands down to Plank > Side Plank > Forward fold with Standing splits Left leg up > Stand

      • Chair and repeat above sequence with Left leg back

      • Move to Vinyasa flow > Forward fold > Stand > Chair with figure 8 movements > Chair twist

      • Forward Fold

      • Right leg back Reverse Warrior > Kung Fu > Warrior II > repeat > role through Vinyasa

      • Repeat sequence above Left leg back

      • Horse stance/Wide Squat hold with arm movements > Wide leg forward fold > Horse pose > repeat with twisting > come up to Standing with bis stretch up > step forward to the front of the mat

      • Fold > half lift > Down dog > Mountain Climbers

      • Down dog > Wide stance with legs > Twist with hand grab to opposite ankle > release to wide leg Plank > repeat other side > wide leg plank > Mountain Climbers > release to Down dog > repeating each side quickly foot steps forward to outside of hand (can add cardio burst by jumping into it) > Squat

      • Squat > optional Crow > back through optional flow > Child’s pose or something else out of comfort zone that is also relaxing > Table top > Downward dog > forward Forearm plank > Downward dog > step forward to Standing forward fold > half lift

      • Chair > Chair prayer twist > step back to lunge in prayer twist > Reverse Warrior II > cartwheel forward to running in place motion> step back to Reverse Warrior > cartwheel down > step forward to forward fold > repeat other side

      • Step to front of mat and Forward fold favorite variation to hold > Stand

      • Standing balance left leg down > move to Dancer pose > Standing pigeon/hip opener/optional add fold  > Forward fold with dynamic movement > Stand > repeat other side

      • Standing forward fold with knee bends > half lift > fold > roll onto back > rock and roll along spine

    • Supine

      • Bridge pose with or without yoga block under Sacrum > hug knees to chest > roll up to sit

    • Seated

      • onto shins huddle up in Child’s pose

      • Camel pose with dynamic movement between sides > find you way to lie flat on your back

    • Supine

      • hug knees to chest

      • supine half pigeon or traditional half pigeon > release into spinal twist > repeat other side

      • Savasana

    • Seated

      • seated spinal twist > arm movements with breath > Namaste

Thank you for your support and for listening to the podcast!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~Zen Jenn