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yoga home practice :: 20 minute yoga nidra to renew & restore

Hello and welcome back!!  PREPARE TO EXPERIENCE THE MOST RELAXED STATE YOU’LL EVER KNOW.  This yoga nidra practice acts as a recharge for the body and mind. Practice often and begin to establish overall health and wellbeing. This is a relaxation practice to be done anytime of the day. You’ll be guided into state of deep relaxation while remaining fully conscious and awake. The practice includes gentle relaxation, breath awareness, a journey of consciousness through the physical body, and a visualization in nature.

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Show notes:

  • Ayurvedic tips to feel balanced in the Fall

    • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.  Ideally 10pm to bed and wake at 6am

    • Stop drinking cold water and drink warm water during the day.  You can garnish your water with lemon or a slice of fresh ginger root for flavor and extra nourishment.  Place your warm water in a thermos, drink and repeat.

    • Stop eating raw food.  Eat cooked and warm seasonally harvested food.  Click here for a fall/winter grocery list to put on your fridge, from Dr. Doulliard of Life Spa in Boulder.

    • Eat your largest meal at lunch when your digestion is strongest

    • Begin a daily meditation or yoga nidra practice

    • If you like a fast moving vinyasa yoga practice, think about slowing it down and getting grounded.  Get out of your head and into you body.  Practice slow, long held, and purposeful standing poses and focus on the connection of your feet to the earth.  Also consider including a weekly Yin or Restorative practice to compliment your vinyasa practice.

  • When practiced often, you’ll begin to feel better overall as the nervous system balances out into a more relaxed state.

  • Yoga nidra can be practiced lying down flat on the back or in a restorative yoga pose.  Make sure you have enough padding underneath the body if lying on a hard floor.  I like to place a thick blanket along the length of my yoga mat and a little extra padding under the back of my head.  If you’d feel more comfortable practicing while seated, please make sure you feel supported and comfy.

  • If you feel any discomfort in the lower back when you lie down, place a rolled up blanket or pillow/bolster beneath the knees.  This should help to alleviate tension in this area of the body.

  • Practice in the evening to relax the body and prepare for sleep.  Practice in the midday for an uplifting recharge

  • You may practice with the eyes open and gazing softly to the front of you, if you’re not comfy with eyes closed.

  • Cover the body with a blanket if the room is chilly. The body will cool during the practice so have a blanket nearby just in case.

  • It is an ideal practice for all levels of practitioners and is a wonderful complement to more physical yoga practices.

  • 5 Benefits of Developing a Yoga Nidra Practice from Yoga International

You are a radiant boundless being of light and vibration.  Be guided by love and compassion for yourself, for all beings, and our beautiful home the planet earth.  It is my honor and privilege to guide you through your practice.

Peace & Oms,

~Zen Jenn